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8 to 14 Day Forecast: Will Cool Air Continue to Dominate October 16-22?



    8_TO_14_DAY_TEMPSThe exceptionally cool air across the Eastern two-thirds of the nation for the second week of October was well-forecast, and has resulted in bursts of snow from the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes to Northern New England.  This has many residents of the Eastern U.S. wondering if colder than normal conditions and winter previews will continue next week, and my best estimate is, "no."  The jet stream pattern doesn't change considerably in its shape - still a broad trough across much of the nation, favoring cool air.  The major difference for the third week of October, however, is that most of the deep cold air will have been exhausted from the atmosphere.  The Lower 48's cold shot came from a well of cold air that was bottled up in Central Canada, and that cold air has, for the time-being, unloaded and is now moderating.  The well of coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere will retreat to the other side of the globe, and with a lack of available cold, most of the United States will trend back to above normal temperatures.

    8_TO_14_DAY_PRECIPAs for precipitation, the familiar jet stream pattern may not mean a repeat of cool temperatures, but it should mean a repeat of rainfall patterns.  That is, a series of energetic disturbances will have an open Gulf of Mexico to contribute to rainfall from the Upper Midwest through the Great Lakes, Ohio and Tennessee Valleys and into the Northeast, all of which are likely to see above to pockets of much above normal precipitation.