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AAA Southern New England Shares Tips for Vehicles in Cold Weather



    AAA Southern New England shares tips for vehicles in cold weather

    AAA recommends keeping an eye on gas tanks, car batteries, oil and more in extreme cold temps (Published Friday, Feb. 21, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) - There was no break for Mike Barnett Tuesday.

    He's a road service technician for AAA of Southern New England and because of the cold, calls rolled in.

    "It's one of those days where everything that can go wrong will for some people," Barnett says.

    And that was the case for one driver in Oxford.

    "I came out from the doctor's office and my door was frozen," Robin Bell says.

    Barnett tried to fix her door, but she had pulled the handle too hard and broke it. It's just one of the issues Barnett was called to because of the cold.

    "It's better to let us do it, there are a lot of fragile pieces that could be broken," Barnett says.

    Monday's warm temperatures before Tuesday's weather is also causing gas lines to freeze. AAA recommends keeping an eye on gas tanks.

    "You have to keep gas tanks full. That will limit condensation and it's the condensation that ends up freezing inside your car. That is what will block the fuel line and your car won't start," John Paul with traffic safety at AAA Southern New England says.

    And that's what happened to a driver in Millbury. She thought her car had a dead battery, but after Barnett checked it out, he realized what the problem was.

    "Definitely wasn't the battery - most likely a frozen fuel line. The cold can affect many parts of a car," he says.

    Speaking of other parts of your car, you may want to check your car battery. If it's getting older, you may have trouble.

    "If its five years or older, your battery is questionable and may die on you. Get it tested and if necessary replaced," Paul says.

    And while you check the battery - check the oil.

    "Make sure your oil has been changed. Old oil tends to get thick and gunky. It will make your car harder to start," Paul says.

    After four years on the job, Barnett knows winter can be tough on cars. He says drivers need to prepare, but if something should happen, you can always call for help.

    "And hopefully if all goes well, you will be able to just drive your car away shortly," Barnett says.