Aftermath of Massive Tornado in Joplin, Missouri - NECN

Aftermath of Massive Tornado in Joplin, Missouri



    (NECN/CNN: Greg Black) - Residents in Joplin, Missouri are in the beginning steps of recovery after being hit by one of deadliest tornadoes on U.S. record. Some storm chasers caught the monster funnel on camera. The twister plowed a four-mile-long path Sunday leveling nearly everything in its way. Churches, homes, school and businesses were obliterated and one of the city's two hospitals took a direct hit.

    Around 200 people were being treated at Saint John's hospital during the impact.  More than 40 agencies have responded to help with focus on one of the top priorities -- searching for victims.  By Monday night, 17 were found alive.

    The National Weather Service warns there is a 45 percent chance of another tornado outbreak today. The peak time between 4 p.m. (local) and midnight. Joplin is among the cities in a high risk area.

    Greg Black reports.