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Amid Typhoon Disaster, Aid Slowly Reaching Philippines



    Amid typhoon disaster, aid slowly reaching Philippines

    Infrastructure of area making it difficult to get some survivors essential supplies (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Steve Aveson) - One week after the devastating typhoon hit the Philippines, the country is still struggling to move forward in the rescue and recovery process.

    Some progress is being made with efforts coming from countries around the world, led by contributions from the U.S. government and many private organizations.
    There is an abundance of aid finding its way to the Philippines, but the key frustration is transporting that goodwill to the heart of the hardest hit areas.  
    Infrastructure is just not able to support the needs of more than a half million people stranded by fate.

    Conflicting images tell the story.  

    Hundreds of miles of countryside are not only destroyed but inaccessible both to people trying to leave and those looking to find loved ones.

    Meanwhile help has arrived from across the globe.
    Essential food, water and clothing arrived for distribution at the airport, but getting it to those in need continues to be a daunting challenge, and the frustration is building.

    Fuel is in short supply, which continues to cripple the recovery effort in Taclobahn, but there is increasing hope, as medicine arrives to help the injured, and some people are relocated to airports for relocation out of the region to the capital city of Manila.

    The number of displaced in this crisis has increased to over 600,000 and Friday authorities announced that the number of confirmed dead has risen to over 3,600 people, a number that is certain to rise once those missing are confirmed lost.