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Another Kitchen Sink Storm- More on The Way



     History has already been made this March 2011, and we are only 6 daysin. So far snow has been in the air 4 of 6 days, we have hit 65 andthe barometer reached 38.86", the highest in 12 year at Martin Swartzhouse in Mansfield MA. That Arctic High Pressure system brought us thecoldest March Weather in years, including the record of -15 in BangorFriday the 4th, beating -13 in 1938. The coldest reading was -28 inAllagash. Now on the backside of that high we have a major battle ofthe seasons.

      This is a full latitude East Coast Trough, the southern end of whichspawned killer tornadoes along the Gulf Coast yesterday. For much ofNew England south winds, gusting to 50 mph in Massachusetts, arebringing the warmest day so far in 2011. On the north side of thefront, snow is raging in parts of Northern New England. History may bemade with this storm, as some daily snowfall records may go down inNorthern Vermont. Parts of the Northern green Mountains may end up withthe biggest snow storm since Valentines day 2007, when 30" of snow fellon Mount Mansfield.  (I hoep to add to this later, another busy day. The next 'Ktich Sink' storm, arrving Thursday, may last 5 days)