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At Least 8 Great White Shark Sightings Near Cape Cod Shore



    At least 8 great white shark sightings near Cape Cod shore

    Beachgoers beware! There's a shark advisory in Chatham, Mass. where 2 great whites were spotted on Sunday and Monday (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Chatham, Mass. )- With all the hot weather, you can bet a lot of folks will be heading to the Cape this weekend to hit up the beaches. Before you get in the water, though, beware! There have been a number of shark sightings this past week.

    One of those sightings was in Chatham.

    It’s rather unsettling news for beachgoers on the Cape. There have been at least eight great white shark sightings over the past several days, many coming very close to shore.

    At Lighthouse Beach in Chatham, beachgoers are greeted with a shark advisory sign, warning swimmers that sharks are here and they should enter the water at their own risk.

    Some of these sharks have been photographed from up above by state police and Cape Cod shark hunters.

    Six great white sharks were spotted near Monomoy Island in recent days. There were two more sightings of great whites in Chatham on Sunday and Monday. IN both cases, the sharks were seen within a couple of hundred yards off the beach. One was even seen stalking a seal. You may remember from last year that a man in Truro was severely injured when he was attacked by a great white shark while swimming.

    People on the beach are taking the sightings very seriously, but some did not even know about the sharks.

    Tara Ljubunic is one of those.

    Wendy Peterson said she is making sure the kids stay closer to the shore.

    Watch the attached video for more.