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Beware of Black Ice on First Day of Spring



    Beware of black ice on first day of Spring

    Be careful Wednesday morning on the very slick roads (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Justin Michaels, Newton, Mass.) - Your calendar shows it’s the first day of spring, but, if you look outside, it sure doesn't look like it.

    Across New England, people are cleaning up from the latest in seemingly endless string of storms.

    This Wednesday marks yet another day of clean up after yet another winter snow storm, but the big issue is the black ice. Temperatures dipped into the 20s overnight, causing any snow melt to freeze, making roads this morning slick.

    And slick roads were the cause of several accidents Tuesday.

    This empty tanker truck jack-knifed on the Massachusetts Turnpike west in Framingham; three people were hurt, including the woman who was driving the SUV you see under the tanker.

    “I went to the right to avoid him because they always tell you to go to the right... And I realized I was going to still get him so I went to the left and he bounced off a guardrail, hit the side of the truck and he jackknifed the truck,” said Marc Letourneau.

    That crash was cleaned up, and the turnpike is open this Wednesday morning. The key is to take it slow.

    Highways and treated roads may not be too bad, but side streets and untreated pavement and sidewalks will be challenging to say the least.