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Blizzard Hammers Scituate, Mass.



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Scituate, Mass.) - The blizzard is over in Scituate where they had a little bit of everything these past 24 hours - snow, fire, wind, flooding - but fortunately no injuries.

    It's dinnertime at Satuit Tavern in Scituate, Massachusetts and Kim Hermitage is taking orders and greeting guests.

    It's only hours after she was evacuated from her home by the MA national guard, and she still came to work.
    She says she's going to stay with a friend for now until they get the heat back on.

    She said her car "drowned."

    The blizzard is to blame for heavy flooding and serious property damage.

    We walked in when the power had just come back on for Joe Naples - who lost a door, couches, a tv, and had to clean-up a pile of salt the ocean left behind.

    Nowhere was the damage worse than 7th Avenue, where an electrical fire spread from one home to another, destroying both.

    Firefighters waded through neck deep water to keep fire from spreading to three other houses on the block.

    And they made sure everyone got out safely.

    Chief Richard Judge said he was proud of his guys.

    Flooding from early morning high tide in downtown Scituate at the height of the storm had backed off by high tide at 330pm in the same parking lot.

    That afternoon high tide brought thunderous waves.

    And though Scituate snow totals were low, in parts of town they had to shovel and plow sand.

    They'll also have to chop down trees.

    This one, incredibly is just resting on the house.

    Aaron Pratt said it did not do any damage and that sometime during the night it "fell slow."

    Back to the tavern, where tonight is anything but slow and where Kim Hermitage is keeping this storm in perspective.

    She said it is a miracle no one was hurt.

    Satuit Tavern was serving up dinner for those firefighters who went slogging through the water.