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Boston Leaders, Emergency Officials Worried About Dangerous Heat



    Boston leaders, emergency officials worried about dangerous heat

    Mayor Tom Menino says plans are already in place to deal with the near 100-degree weather this week, including extra ambulances already deployed (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Boston) - If you are five years old, a steamy, hot day can make for a great excuse for fun. But with temperatures shooting into the mid to upper 90s for at least a couple of days, city leaders and emergency officials are a bit worried.

    Plans to deal with problems people might have working or playing in the heat are already in place.

    "Boston Center for Youth and Families, our recreation department, police department, fire, are all alerted to deal with this issue, as best we can as hours go by late this afternoon when it gets to be extreme heat," said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

    That means check on the elderly, kids and animals.

    The city has deployed extra ambulances in case there is a greater need, an expectation for heat related health problems.

    EMS officials say be cautious if you must work in extreme heat.

    "If you start feeling like your forgetting things, your altered mental status, if all of a sudden you have been sweating and realize that you've stopped sweating, it is a danger zone," said Boston E.M.S. Captain Jose Archila.

    The Department of Environmental Conservation is offering up its facilities around the state for people to beat the heat.

    "We try to cover our bases, to make sure that folks in every region of the commonwealth, have an opportunity to get out and stay cool, enjoy some time with your family, do it safely, and we will be prepared for that today," said DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert.

    One other concern, of course, the power to run all those appliances.

    "Everybody is going to turn on their air conditioners, big draw on the power grid, and I think that we have to monitor that,” said Menino. “NStar has to monitor that."

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