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Boston Moves Ahead With the Big Digout



    (NECN: Tom Langford) - It's back to more shoveling. Before dawn, the snowplows were out -- moving snow off the streets and sidewalks of Boston.

    "This is very hard right now. Its frozen almost." Frozen, even after the sun came up.

    Bill McCarthy simply gave up using his shovel.

    "You can't shovel it," he said. "I'ts frozen over. I'm just throwing down some rock salt, and that's it."

    By 9 this morning, most streets and sidewalks were down to the pavement, and all that was left to do was to clear out your car. Although, some people had more work to do than others.

    Only-in-Boston tradition: residential streets were soon lined with chairs, buckets and laundry baskets - anything to claim and reserve the spot that you just worked so hard to shovel out.

    "It's a little silly, I must say, but you kind of have to go with the flow," said Kate Sutphin. "And everybody does it and there isn't much parking."

    Parking problems aside, most people say they don't mind the snow -- this is just winter in New England.

    In fact, Bill McCarthy says, this is the kind of weather he loves.

    "A lot of people think I'm nuts because of it, but I really like being out here, I really do."