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Boston's Feeling the Extreme Heat



    Boston's feeling the extreme heat

    State-run beaches and pools ready for scorching temps (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno, Boston) - With temperatures approaching triple digits in some area of New England, it is sure to be difficult to escape the heat on Wednesday and Thursday.

    To help ease the extreme heat, state-run beaches and pools across Massachusetts will be staffed with lifeguards early this year.

    At the Artesani Wading Pool, there will be a lifeguard on duty. It's a great place to bring kids to cool off. And it is just one of the many pools and beaches that will be staffed on Wednesday.
    Click here for a list of beaches and pools staffed.

    There won't be any cooling centers open during the hot weather. But, libraries and malls are great places to soak up the air conditioning. Experts say it's important to stay cool and hydrated.

    "I'm going to drink a lot of water, dress a little lighter, short sleeves instead of long sleeves. Going to go for a swim when I get home, find a place to go swimming," Boston Resident Fran McCarthy said.

    "Really hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This particular shirt is SPF proof, sunscreen and hydration is key for me," Natick Resident Jackie O'Neil said.

    The sun is expected to be very powerful on Wednesday, so it's important to wear plenty of sunscreen. 

    Anyone who feels dizzy or nauseous in the heat should immediately get into the shade, drink cool water, and if the symptoms persist, call 911 because it could be heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

    This is something that affects seniors more than younger people, too… so make sure to check on elderly neighbors. That way everyone can get through this heat wave safely.