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Boston's Roslindale Neighborhood Cleans Up After Flooding



    (NECN: Tom Langford) - It's one of those things that can happen in this kind of weather -- frozen pipes -- pipes, which can then burst.

    A sprinkler head broke and flooded this Boston building last week, and although it's not known if the weather was the cause, the damage was extensive to six condos and two businesses.

    Because of all the water, most everything had to be ripped out, right down to the walls, and will have to be replaced.

    The work is being done by "A Touch Above Flood Restoration." The company's president, Brandon Campbell, says you don't have to get yourself into a situation like this.

    "It's going to be cold, prepare yourself and be ready, stay inside, but also protect your house. In this case, there's people out of business, there's people that are actually in hotels because of this," he said.

    So as these cold temperatures hit, take some time to think about your pipes.

    Campbell says, you want to make sure the area around your pipes stays at least 40 degrees. So open up the cabinets under the kitchen sink, drip the faucets… do what you've got to do.