Brazil Flooding Leaves More Than 30 Dead, Thousands Homeless - NECN

Brazil Flooding Leaves More Than 30 Dead, Thousands Homeless



    (NECN/CNN) - Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da
    Silva will meet with his emergency Cabinet as flooding in two
    northeastern states killed 32 people and left more than 100,000 homeless, the
    Agencia Brasil state news agency reported.

    In Pernambuco state, 53 cities have declared a state of emergency, the
    nation's civil defense agency said. Thirteen people are dead and more than
    42,000 are homeless there, the agency said.

    In Alagoas state, 22 cities have declared an emergency. At least 19
    people are dead and more than 58,000 residents are homeless, civil defense

    More than 1,000 people have been reported missing in Alagoas. About 500
    people were unaccounted for in the town of Uniao dos Palmares, a state
    spokesman said Monday.

    Pernambuco Governor Eduardo Campos -- who flew over the affected areas
    Monday -- described the situation as "heart-breaking."

    "What we have seen since Friday is more than a horror-film," Campos said
    in a statement.

    Alagoas Governor Teotonio Vilela Filho traveled through several affected
    areas Monday to try to reassure residents.

    "I ask you all to remain calm because we are all invested in helping
    you," he said.

    Both governors also met with Lula, who promised to facilitate emergency
    funds to help victims.

    Alagoas weather officials forecast more rain for Tuesday.

    Brazil's Center for Climatic Studies predicted rain above average in the
    northeast for autumn, which has come to an end. Brazil's winter officially
    began June 21.