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Brighton, Mass. Spray Park Popular Spot for Families



    Brighton, Mass. spray park popular spot for families

    Families trying to beat the heat have headed to the Artesani wading pool in Brighton (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno, Brighton, Mass.) – The DCR has opened up a lot of these pools early so families have a way to beat the heat, and one spray park in Brighton, Mass. is a very fun way to cool off!

    Little Jake knows how to beat the heat, by going in the pool.

    “He got very excited this morning, he remembered we talked about it last night that we were going to go to the swimming pool. I said, ‘What do you want to do today?’ And he said ‘Get up and go swimming,’” said Christina Smith.

    And Jake wasn’t the only kid flocking to the Artesani wading pool in Brighton on Wednesday.

    With temps scheduled to reach near 100, it was a popular spot for the kiddie crowd.

    “Basically it’s a small pool, it’s a wading pool, which is great because he’s not a super strong swimmer yet and our thought was he could just play in the water. It’s not too deep; it’s great.”

    Jackie Bruno even waded in to test the water, and her friends agree that the water was just right.

    And while the kids are having fun, the parents all told us they have a plan to make sure the fun is safe.  

    “Putting on a lot of sun screen. Make sure she’s drinking a lot of water. Make sure I’m drinking a lot of water,” said Julia Rosa.

    “Put some sunscreen to the kids and they will be here for like 45 minutes. And we’ll be under the shade so I’m not worried,” said Jose Matrigal. “Worry free, wading in the water, enjoying a Wednesday off with the kids.”

    In all seriousness, make sure to find some way to keep cool whether it’s in the water or in the AC.

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