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Buildings Collapse in South Windsor, Conn.



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, South Windsor, Conn.) - It's a story we seem to hear every day this winter.  People inside a building hear some cracking and moaning, realize what's happening and get out just in time to watch the place come down under the weight of snow and ice on the roof.  This time it was Waldo Brothers Construction in South Windsor, Connecticut. The owner did not want to talk on camera but he said he was inside with two other guys when he heard the noises.  He shouted for them to get out but they were already headed for the door. He followed and the metal building came down. No one was hurt. 

    Deputy Chief Jay Nipple, So. Windsor FD: "They heard a loud noise like thunder and then the roof came down.  That's what everybody normally is saying.  All they hear is a loud bang and everything falls and that's what happens.  That little bit of snow we got which was just finishing up... It was very wet.  And even though it might have only been a couple inches I think the weight was the straw that broke the camel's back in this case.

    The Department of Environmental Protection was called to this scene because of concern over chemicals stored inside.  Crews now have to clear rubble to get a look at what, if any, spillage there might be.  The company handles cement products.

    Jeff Chandler, CT DEP: "We're working with the building owner right now to determine whether or no the area is safe where the chemicals are and that appears not to be the case and getting the appropriate equipment on board to open up the roof area where the chemicals are and determine the integrity of the containers."  

    South Windsor has certainly seen its share of building collapses.  This bowling alley went down last week and now there are crews up on the roof of the remaining part blowing the snow off to make sure that what's still up stays up.

    The owners of the bowling alley say they had a structural engineer take a look at the building not long before it went down.  He told them there were some structural issues and recommended they get the snow off the roof. They had hired a company to clear the roof Friday. The alley went down on Thursday.