Cape Cod Residents on Alert as Hurricane Earl Nears - NECN

Cape Cod Residents on Alert as Hurricane Earl Nears



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Hyannis, Mass.) - While the track of Hurricane Earl could change, people on Cape Cod are taking no chances.

    Boat owners have already begun pulling their boats out of the water.

    At the Hyannis Boat ramp a steady stream of sailboats and motorboats were pulled from the water on a this hot and beautiful day. The season ending sooner than many would like.

    Rob Riley:
    "It's a shame but when the weather tell you it's time to go you got to go."

    Rob Riley says he has been through too many big storms on the Cape before. Just in case Hurricane Earl comes west, he wants to have his 34 foot Catalina in good shape for next season.

    "We were here when Hurricane Bob hit and I saw all the boats up on the shore then I don't want to be another one of them."

    And for smaller boat owners who stay on a dock, their concern is what happens when the water rises.

    Jeff Crisp:
    "Obviously if the docks float away, then the boats end up on the rocks."

    There are many exposed areas on the Cape. Hyannis Port is just one of them. All these boats are potentially at risk.

    Peter Eastman:
    "There is definitely more concern as we go forward, definitely more concern today."

    It's why Peter Eastman of Howard Boats has been very busy, making sure these Catboats, Wiannos and Herreshoffs are kept safe. But, that means the masts must come down. The sailing is over for this year.

    Peter Eastman:
    "It's a bad way to end the summer when you have to hall everyone's boats out early."