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Cape Cod Town Rebuilding Shoreline Ahead of Tourist Season



    Cape Cod town rebuilding shoreline ahead of tourist season

    Sandwich, Mass. saw major erosion from winter storms (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno, Sandwich, Mass.) - The summer tourism season is about to kick off on Cape Cod, but for Sandwich, Mass., things will not be as they've been in the past.

    Town Neck Beach was hammered by winter storms this year. The storms broke the boardwalk and stripped the beach of about 25 feet of sand. Now new dunes have been built up and the boardwalk is in the process of being restored.

    "There are workers out there this week and we are hoping to get that repaired as soon as possible," Assistant Town Manager Doug Lapp says.

    Still, it won't be done before Memorial Day weekend , and that's impacting residents' plans.

    "If it's a nice weekend, it'll affect it. I live right down the street, and gonna miss it down there - can't go down there," Sandwich resident Ken Beltrame says.

    "We have a lot of family that come down, relatives and even just people renting, you know, that definitely is an area that needs to be open for peole to - plus it's historical for Sandwich. I mean, that's the best thing to do is go walk the boardwalk. You know you can get into town from there , you can get to the beaches from there, so, you know, it's pretty vital to get it done," Sandwich resident Sharon Flagg says.

    The good news is that the parking lot should reopen in about a week.