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Central Mass. Prepares for 2nd Round of Snow



    Central Mass. prepares for 2nd round of snow

    DPW in Worcester, West Boylston getting ready for loads of wet, heavy snow (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) - Sunny skies shined over Central Massachusetts Tuesday, but Wednesday, the scene could be one the region has experienced several times this winter.

    Worcester Department of Public Works says they'll be ready.

    "We expect snow to probably start around 4 a.m. tomorrow. We'll have a crew in before that, so they can monitor when it actually does start, so we can call at the right time to bring in the necessary help," said Commissioner Paul Moosey.

    Moosey says they'll have 350 trucks ready to treat roads. With frigid cold temperatures, recent snowstorms have dropped dry, light snow. This storm is expected to produce wet, heavy snow.

    While it may be harder to move, Moosey says salt is more effective in warmer temperatures.

    "The chemicals work better when it's a little bit warmer," he said. "Twenty degrees is a lot easier for salt than 10."

    Moosey says they've used about two thirds of Worcester's snow budget. This storm won't put them in the red. But in neighboring West Boylston, it's a different story.

    "We're just beginning to deficit spend now. We're nowhere near what we spent last winter, but we're into the red," said West Boylston DPW Director Anthony Sylvia.

    Sylvia says the town has already spent more than their $108,000 budget. He has 14 trucks ready to treat West Boylston's 65 miles of roadways.

    Both directors stress if people have to travel tomorrow, they should be careful and drive slow.

    "If they don't need to be on the roads, then for their own safety, please don't be on the roads," said Sylvia. "That will only help public works crews clear the roads all the quicker and safer."

    "Be careful, have a little patience, and drive slow," said Moosey.