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Cold Conditions on Cape Cod as Tides Calm After Storm



    Cold conditions on Cape Cod as tides calm after storm

    Nor'easter in New England brought snow, winds and high tides to coastal parts of region (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Nicole Jacobs, Sandwich, Mass.) - A snow covered Cape Cod was the result of a nor'easter ushering in the presence of 2014, just a few days in.

    There's no mistaking it - winter is here.

    You could hear the winds whipping, howling as if to sing songs of Mother Nature.

    But from the sleepy town of Barnstable, Mass., where harbors are frozen over, to Sandwich, where utilities crews are braving it, this storm is no joke.

    Donald Falcione was one of nearly a dozen on Dillingham Avenue to lose power.

    "This is how we're keeping our ice cream frozen," he said. "Might as well take advantage of the cold."

    Single digit temperatures were just barely creeping into double digits.

    "We're looking at all the beautiful views taking some pictures in." said Kirsten Kadra.

    Kadra and Tom Cotter were taking a walk for pictures and lunch.

    "I'm just waiting for it to be over and the sun to come out," said Falcione.

    Many are hoping for an end to this stage of the seasonal medley.