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Complete Round-up: Tuesday Evening Earthquake Rocks New England



    At 7:12 PM, the earth shook throughout New England from - at latest estimate as of this early Wednesday morning post - a magnitude 4.0 earthquake centered four miles north-northeast of Waterboro, Maine.  Felt throughout New England and beyond, to Southern Canada, Upstate NY and Northern New Jersey, this quake rattled homes and residents, and cracked some floors, foundations, walls, ceilings and chimneys.  Though a magnitude 4.0 quake wouldn't result in much if any damage where buildings are built to withstand tremors, New England buildings aren't designed the same way, and the result was minor damage.

    One common question: will my home insurance cover damage to my home?  If you don't have earthquake insurance, chances are good the answer is, "probably not."  Nonetheless, it's worth checking, as some policies do have sections that deal with this type of damage.  One thing is for sure - take pictures of any damage!  If you don't have documentation of the damage, you have little hope of getting any help at all.  Also, you may find this article helpful for some tips.

    I invite you to share your own photographs with me on Facebook, on Twitter, or via email.

    Seismograph from Weston Observatory, Weston, MA, showing quake tremor at 7:12 PM:


    Cracked foundation floor in Sandown, NH (courtesy "Chuck"):


    Cracked foundation wall in Center Barnstead, NH (Chrissy Reberge):


    Nails protruding through siding post-earthquake in Madbury, NH (Mark Townsend):


    NECN's Josh Brogadir reports from the epicenter in Hollis, ME: