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Conditions Improving Following Scituate, Mass. Flooding



    Conditions improving following Scituate, Mass. flooding

    Coastal communities in New England saw flood damage during nor'easter (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: John Moroney, Scituate, Mass.) – The storm that hit New England with the New Year left significant flooding and damage along the northeastern shoreline, particularly in Scituate, Mass.

    Part of Oceanside Drive has been closed down due to the amount of water that had made its way over the barriers on Friday. Crews are working to repair sections of it.

    Ice could be seen encasing homes and electrical wires on the road.

    In addition, part of the sea wall had been knocked out as a result of the flooding.

    This section of Scituate is accustomed to dealing with harsh winter storms hitting their homes.

    Matt Collins spent part of his day digging the rocks out from around his home. He and his family have been coming to Scituate since the late 1960s, so these storms and their aftermath are nothing new.

    "You love to come down here, so you put up with the bad stuff and love the good stuff," said Collins. "Everyone will forget about it in July when we're having a beer on the back deck and watching the sunset."