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Conn. Town Turns to Snow Dragon



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Waterbury, Conn.) - So much snow.  There is more snow on the ground in Central Connecticut than anywhere else in New England.  It makes driving hazardous even on the nice days.  Hard to see around those huge piles.  Hard for people to walk.  Cities are struggling with it.... trucking it off the streets dumping it in parking lots.  

    John Lawlor, Jr., Waterbury CT DPW: "The problem is the area that we bring it is now full.  As large as it was we never thought we'd fill it."

    But they have.  So the city of Waterbury, CT has brought in a monster from the great white north to deal with the snow.  The Snow Dragon.  It works on the theory if you can't move it... melt it.  The hopper in the back is filled with water.

    Fred Moraze, Snow Dragon Master: "Warm up the water to 140-degrees and then you put snow in and it discharges from the back.  It turns into water."

    You could call it artificial spring.  Melting snow before its time.  Fred brought the snow dragon down from Ontario because, hey, we've got more snow than they do.

    Fred Moraze, Snow Dragon Master:  "We came to the states because there's no snow in Ontario.  If there be snow in Ontario we wouldn't be up here, right?"

    The snow dragon drew its share on onlookers as it ate up the snow around the Waterbury Green.

    Christopher Morin, Waterbury, CT: "You've got to be happy to see this thing considering you're a year-round biker, huh?  Yeah.  I'm just kind of wishing it would come over to around my neighborhood because we've still got an 8-foot cone of snow in front of our house."

    Hey, Chris, who doesn't.

    There's just so much snow.  There's nowhere to put it.  Its dangerous.  Its depressing.  But what can you do?  What can you do?  When there's too much snow...  in your neighborhood... who you gonna call?  Snow Dragon!  

    I ain't afraid of no snow.