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Crews Demolish Homes on Plum Island, Mass.



    Crews demolish homes on Plum Island, Mass.

    High tides from this week's nor'easter knocked 2 homes off their foundations (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich, Plum Island, Mass.) - Crews demolished two homes on Plum Island, Mass. after they were knocked off by surf caused by high tides during this week's nor'easter.

    Imminent danger still lingers on Annapolis Way, where the two homes were.

    Erosion has been quick over the past five years, but neighbors say they certainly did not expect this latest storm to be the final straw.

    Years of memories, passed down by the generations before in many cases, were gone Saturday as crews demolished homes with failed foundations. Residents have been fighting an uphill battle against the government against the tide for years, but in the end, the Atlantic Ocean won.

    "They were very concerned," Newbury, Mass. Police Chief Michael Reilly. "You know it's devastating for the town itself, it's devastating for the individual home owners."

    On Friday, the first home along Annapolis Way on Plum Island fell victim when it fell off of its foundation and ultimately into the water. Early Saturday morning two homes down the same road, another home fell. Both were resting precariously before the cranes and bulldozers arrived. As the homeowners watched on, neighbors know their homes are likely next.

    "Forty thousand dollars we spent to save that house" Ron Rickler, a builder, said. "When we finished working on it, that we were good - I didn't think it would ever go down and I was shocked to see the power of the ocean and what it can really do."

    Residents have spent tens of thousands of dollars on sand and core bags and have found environmental agencies to bring in more permanent solutions.

    Now, most here know it is a fight they've ultimately lost.

    "There used to be 300 yard of beach before you got to the water, now at high tide today, this is what we have," Chief Reilly said.