D.C. Rattled by Quake, Assesses Damages - NECN

D.C. Rattled by Quake, Assesses Damages



    (NECN/CNN: Emily Schmidt, Washington, D.C.) - This morning, it's business as usual in Washington, although officials are still assessing the damage from yesterday's record 5.8 magnitude earthquake, felt throughout the East Coast and parts of the Midwest.

    With buildings evacuated from New York to North Carolina, it seemed like no one was taking any chances.

    In the nation's capital, officials discovered a crack near the top of the Washington Monument.

    At the National Cathedral, multiple pinnacles broke from the central tower, but the structural integrity of the building was not affected. Both the cathedral and the Washington Monument will be closed to the public today.

    Another major concern: Nuclear power plants.

    One plant - just 20 miles from the epicenter - was automatically shut down, while 12 other plants in the U.S. reported "unusual events."