Dangerous Wildfires Continue Blazing Across Texas - NECN

Dangerous Wildfires Continue Blazing Across Texas



    (NECN/CNN) - Dangerous wildfires have been burning in Texas for more than a week. More than a million acres have been scorched and at least 170 homes were burned to the ground.

    The relentless waves of fire erupted along Hellsgate Drive.

    "You can see how these low-level trees and the dry brush just act as fuel. In a matter of seconds, these flames devour all these trees," said Bozo Henderson. "Dried up and keeps moving on this way."

    For these volunteer firefighters from lone camp, Texas, Hellsgate is a fitting backdrop for the showdown they're about to face with these wicked flames.

    Ed Lavandera shows us one of the largest wildfires that has tripled in size.