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Demolition Continues on Plum Island



    Demolition continues on Plum Island

    2 homes have been taken down after a storm ripped them from their foundations; a third will be taken down Monday (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Newbury, Mass.) - The demolition is heartbreaking, and it is far from over.

    "Because it has caused so much damage, I think they are going to react now, but it is a little bit too late for a lot of people," said Tom Eramo, a former island resident.

    Some Plum Island residents are simply giving in. Storm surges and 300 yards of beach erosion have given many residents on Annapolis Way no choice.
    Two homes have been taken down after the storm ripped them from their foundations, and a third is now on the list -- Thomas Nee's dream house.

    "Forty-two thousand in the last two weeks just, we poured concrete, we put piles in and it took them away like they were straws," said Nee, whose beach front home will be torn down Monday.

    Next door, the Connors' home is in danger too. Built on pilings, but it might not be enough.

    "He's fairly in good shape, but I think his next investment is going to be a boat, he's going to need a boat," said Ron Ricker, a builder who has been working to help fight the ocean on several homes.

    As the homes come down, it creates more problems for the residents who remain.

    "When this house is gone, that water is coming, to take out the road, and there is a sewer system here, the whole island, they will shut the whole island down," said Ricker.

    Nee is packing up for a move to California. Emotionally, he is over his sadness. Still, this was his home for nearly 30 years.

    "We are going to save the garage, I am going to put a sign up, make me an offer, if you dare," laughed Nee.