Devastating Earthquake in New Zealand Kills at Least 65 - NECN

Devastating Earthquake in New Zealand Kills at Least 65



    (NECN: Tom Langford) - 65 people are confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise, following a massive earthquake in New Zealand.

    As rescue workers dig through rubble of Christchurch, New Zealand, relief in the form of rescue teams and supplies is being brought in from nearby countries such as Australia.

    John Hamilton, New Zealand's Civil Defense Director said, "as far as we know, yes, there are people in buildings which have not been completely searched yet and it'll take probably until midday tomorrow to get a better feel for exactly what the missing and casualty rate truly is."

    The earthquake struck in the middle of the day in New Zealand and collapsed homes and office buildings.

    The spire of the famous Christchurch Cathedral collapsed into a square.

    And thousands rushed to the safety of a large park in the middle of the city.

    Shocked survivors wept in the streets and made frantic phone calls.

    Many people were trapped for hours on top of ruined office buildings.

    And an unknown number lay trapped beneath the rubble.

    Christchurch Mayor, Bob Parker said, "all of our energy tonight is really focused on the need to rescue people."

    The region was just recovering from another powerful earthquake last September.

    But this one has already proved to be more destructive and more deadly.

    As one survivor said, the quake was "absolutely frightening. It was by far and away the roughest ride we've ever had."