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Ellsworth, Maine May Not Get Power Back Until New Year's Day



    Ellsworth, Maine may not get power back until New Year's Day

    Bangor Hydro power crews are working through difficult conditions to restore power to hundreds (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Marnie MacLean, Ellsworth, Maine) - With thousands of people still left without power across the state of Maine, Ellsworth is one of the hardest hit communities trying to recover from a brutal ice storm that brought down trees and power lines all over.

    Members of the community are bracing themselves, as the harsh reality is they may not get their power back until New Year's Day.

    Bangor Hydro serves customers in both Northern and Eastern Maine. They currently have about 300 crews working to restore the power, but it has not been a smooth process.

    It's been a house by house effort in the restoration process because most of the homes are set in rural areas, with lots of trees and space between them. The situation is causing more difficult work conditions for the line crews.

    Despite difficult times, several Mainers are making the best of the situation by utilizing generators.

    Bangor Hydro is being realistic with expectations and their goal is to have everyone back on line by the end of New Year's Day.