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Extended Heat Wave in New England Won't Break Record



    Extended heat wave in New England won't break record

    Record heat wave lasted 9 days and was set in 1912 (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Taunton, Mass.) – Ninety-degrees measured at Logan Airport again, and that makes four days in a row, which by National Weather Service standards, means we are still officially in a heat wave.

    "Back in 2002 there was a stretch of eight days from August 11th, to the 18th," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Stephanie Dunten.

    The record, is nine days, set back in 1912.

    We won't get to that, but the National Weather Service says we might not see relief from the heat until this weekend which would make for six days in a row of weighty heat and humidity.

    "Right now, our dew points are pretty high, in the low 70s, and that makes it pretty oppressive outside, it just feels like you are swimming outside when you walk through," laughed Dunten.

    …Which is just fine if you get to go to the lake.

    "It isn't hot because I have been in the water," said 6-year-old Aliya.

    At the DCR's Watson Pond in Taunton, a cool dip makes all the difference.

    So, no worries.

    "It can be a heat wave, we will be at the beach," said a woman.

    "I got AC in the car, AC in the house, and then the water here," said another.

    We asked an 8-year-old boy what he thought of the heat wave, "good," he predictably answered.

    There are heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in effect for much of the area, but the National Weather Service predicts the end is in sight by this weekend.

    "Things change considerably for next week in terms of temperatures and humidity," Dunten said.