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Extreme Heat Makes for Difficult Times Across Nation



    Extreme heat makes for difficult times across nation

    Heat is hampering efforts to contain a Calif. wildfire; Suburban Washington is without water; a woman fainted in NYC (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Melissa Mollet) - Right now, we're facing the worst heat wave of the season forcing people to come up with ways to cool down

    No matter where you go across the country, there's one word to describe what we're all feeling. It is just plain hot.

    It's summer, it's supposed to be hot. But this is a little much.

    The heat wave is bringing on advisories and warnings across the country.

    These are the days when bottled water is a must have, like at this soccer game in Minnesota.

    These are the days when frolicking in a fountain is a must do.

    These are the days when anything fur looks, well, miserable but cute.

    These are the days when ice cream is popular and outdoor seating is not.

    "Because I have an ice cream shop and we sell a lot of cold drinks, likes smoothies and everything, it's pretty good for me when it's hot," says Saber Rahim, owner of Hershey’s Ice Cream.

    But the dangers are real. One woman fainted at a political rally in New York City.

    The heat is hampering efforts to contain a wildfire west of Palm Springs, Calif. Flames are tearing through 8,000 acres; high temperatures and heavy natural fuels are making the fire even more aggressive.

    And to make matters worse, 150,000 people in suburban Washington are having to make do without water in this extreme heat as crews replace a failing 54-inch main. It's a repair that could take five days.

    "When everybody wakes up and takes a shower we're going to run out of water pretty fast,” says Rushern Baker.

    These are difficult times in extreme weather.

    It seems we'll just have to ride the wave. We may not get any relief until the weekend.