Falling Trees Cause Serious Damage in Brookline, Mass. - NECN

Falling Trees Cause Serious Damage in Brookline, Mass.



    (NECN: Scot Yount, Brookline, Mass.) - Wild weather. The aftermath shows the incredible power, bringing down very large trees, cable and electric lines.  

    People who live nearby heard the loud crash. Part of the tree also fell on a passing car.

    The weather that did all the damage, torrential downpours and high winds, those two things added up to trees down all around Brookline. Here another car falls victim to falling trees.

    Over on Stedman Street there is more damage. The fire department checked downed wires. Many people are without power.
    The power is on but there was a cracked chimney at Judy Fisch's house.

    Judy is lucky compared to this couple in nearby Brighton. The tree that used to be in the back came crashing right through the roof and into the house.

    In Newton, also lots of trees down, this one completely blocking Commonwealth Avenue. But again, the best news, nobody was hurt.