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Farmers Say Unusual Spring Hurts Crops



    Farmers say unusual spring hurts crops

    One farmer in West Brookfield, Mass. says he's been hit especially hard by the unusual weather patterns (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Greg Wayland) - Honey Bee Orchards has been having a tough spring after a combination extremely warm days and hard frosts have ruined a 250-acre apple crop.

    Honey Bee Orchards owner Bill Haseotes says in his 30 years of growing in the orchard, this year is by far the worst.

    Haseotes says the trouble began in October 2011, when a snowstorm blanketed his orchard with almost a foot of snow, creating extra weight on branches already burdened with leaves and fruit, resulting in them being torn down.

    This spring started unusually warm in March, tricking trees into blooming flowers that should become fruit; however, a hard frost in late April has decimated about 85 percent of Honey Bee Orchards' crop, Haseotes says.

    Greg Wayland has the story.