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Weather New England

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Feel of Florida in New England



    6PM Damage Report form Southern New England Storms Today
    Record Heat DC  to NYC Today

    Extreme heat and Humidity are pushing up against a warm front inSouthern New England this Morning. We are tracking the front and a waveof Low Pressure on the front. That wave brings severe thunderstorms toNew England this afternoon through tomorrow. Wind in these storms maygust to 75 mph, with a tornado possible. Torrential downpours withlocalized flash flooding are hit and miss into Sunday afternoon. Theextreme heat is in Connecticut and parts of Southern Massachusetts andRhode Island, with temperatures 90-95 and dewpoints of 75+, causinga heat index of 100+. North of the front we have an onshore breeze(SSE 10-15 mph), with temperatures in the 80s and 70s, and oppressivehumidity. Fog may only burn off partially near the shore. The sunshinefactor is about a 3 or 4 out of ten. Cooler and much less humid airblows in on gusty northwest wind Sunday Night and Monday. Mondaythrough Wednesday look great with comfortable nights for sleeping,andsunny warm days.
      In the Gulf of Mexico tropical depression Bonnie is a shadow of it'sgusty self from yesterday. Bonnie is likely a non-issue weatherwise forresidents in The Gulf States. However, the crews battling the oil leak,wisely got out of the way, are now having to regroup. This is a seen wewill have to get used to as the Tropical Storm Season ramps up the nextfew weeks.