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Fierce Winds, Waves in Sandwich, Mass.



    Fierce winds, waves in Sandwich, Mass.

    Many residents who live on the beach are concerned about coastal erosion from the nor'easter (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Deanna Morgan, Sandwich, Mass.) - The winds are fierce and the ocean water is in full force.

    Everyone in Sandwich, Mass. is just waiting to see how bad this storm will be - and it's only the beginning.

    Michaela Igo and Megan O'Connell are students on their spring break, and had been parked for about an hour at the shore to watch the wind and waves. They tried to stand on the beach, but didn't make it very long because of the wind and cold.

    The cold, rain and wind is the forecast out in Sandwich for Thursday, and it's getting people who live on the beach to think about erosion.

    Igo says that's what her friend's family is worried about.

    "They lost their deck in the last storm, and they put down some new sand," she says.

    By now, though, she says, it's almost gone. Last month's blizzard was bad enough, but this storm could be calmer - or worse.

    Although as long as people are watching the storm from inside, they're not too worried.