Flight Disruptions in Europe Worsen Due to Volcanic Ash - NECN

Flight Disruptions in Europe Worsen Due to Volcanic Ash



    (NECN: Jennifer Eagan, Boston, Mass.) - Around the world, it's an air travel nightmare again this morning.

    A volcano in Iceland is continuing to spew hot ash, rock and sand into the air, wreaking havoc on worldwide flight schedules. Whether you are trying to get to the UK or even just fly through, chances are, your plans are changing.

    The European air traffic agency says the flight
    disruptions that upended travel in Europe and reverberated
    throughout the world yesterday are worse today.

    Eurocontrol says half a dozen European nations have closed their
    airspaces because of the volcanic ash spewing from an Icelandic
    volcano. The agency says about 60 percent of European flights are
    not operating, and delays will continue into tomorrow.

    The ash cloud has left tens of thousands of travelers stranded
    around the globe, and blocked the main air flight path between the
    U.S. East Coast and Europe.

    *Material from The Associated Press used in this report*