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Forecasting a Turbulent Hurricane Season



    (NECN) - We have many different Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts, form many different institutions these days.

    But as NECN Meteorologist tells us, there is one seasonal hurricane forecast that stands out as the oldest and most respected.

    This is the 27th year of Hurricane Forecast from Dr. William Gray at Colorado State University.

    This year though the is a name above Dr, Gray's on the Venerable CSU Forecast.

    The new lead author is Dr. Philip Klotzbach of Plymouth Massachusetts.

    NECN Meteorologist Tim Kelley spoke with Dr. Klotzbach about the Atlantic Hurricane Season, and what it may mean for New England.

    Dr. Klotzbach also discusses the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and the possibility of Anthropogenic Global Warming impact on Hurricanes and Global Climate.