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Fourth Beauty- Best in Years



    Sunday July 4th, 2010 Update

      I brought my weather journal today and have looked up recent heatwaves so we can compare to what is ahead for heat this week.
      First though, we already have record heat early this afternoon.Thanks to a rather rare wind direction for a hot July day (from thenorthwest), we topped 90 on Cape Cod and the Islands.
      Chatham MA hit 92, beating 88 from 2002.
      Nantucket Island 90, beats 88 in 1966.
      Other records may have fallen too. I use for almanac data.

    According to my own almanac, starting with 1992, and many margin notes,I see that the hottest July 4th around here appears to be 104 atBoston in 1911, did they have Global Warming back then too?
    In the short (18+ year) history of NECN, our hottest July 4th was 97 in 2002. The coldest was our first year, 60 in 1992.

      We are forecasting a 5 to 7 day heat wave this week. If thisverifies, we will have the first heat wave since August 15-19 of lastsummer.. 90 15-16th, 93 17th, 94 18th, 90 on 19th.

     I overlooked last year's minor heat wave because it was such a coldsummer and because the June 7-10, 2008 Heat Wave stood out in my mindas our last extreme heat.

      June 7, 2008 was 93, 92 8th, 96 9th, and 98 on June 10th.  June 10, 2002 we hit 100 in New England for the first time since August 2, 2006.
      Thatwas it for 2008, technically no heat wave in the calendar summer of2008 (yes I know Meteorological Summer is June-August).

       We had two heat waves in 2007, June 26-28, and August 2-4.

       Three heat waves hit New England in 2006.. July 16-18, July 27-29, August 1-3.

       The big hurricane year 2005 saw only one heat wave here June 25-27.
       It appears we did not have a heat wave in 2004. Feel free to correctme, I am going by Newton MA temps as recorded in my own journal log(not digital blog, but hand written log, so I may overlook some things).

      In 2003 we had two heat waves-  June 25-27, and July 4-6.

      By far the most extreme heat in the last ten years is Summer of 2002. we had 23 days of 90 plus..
     With major heat waves- July 1-5, July 29-Aug 5, August 11-19, and for kicks we hit 99 in Fryeburg Maine on September 9th 2002.

      Next weekend I will breakdown this heat and compare to the last time we had such extreme heat.
      The mean temp in that June 7-10 2008 wave was 94.75 over four days. That may be the one to beat.

      In the meantime we will see plenty of news stories about "Sizzling,Scorching, Sufferable and Relentless Heat".Likely voluntary energyconservation requests, watch the pets and elderly.. if you need me, Iwill be at the beach.
      Oh yeah, a couple of systems in tropics look ripe, near Yucatan,North of Bahamas, and Gulf of Mexico.  But no groundswell for NewEngland in the near future. Good S.U.P. weather.

    Back tosaturday Post..

    According to my weather journal, this is the first July 4th with noRain or Fog in the forecast since at least 2007. The other journals areat home, may be updated later. Dew point temperatures are near 50 withtemperatures near 88, making for a warm, low humidity, top ten day ofthe summer. I believe this is the third one so far. We may have tochange the scale. The heat arrives Tomorrow, the fourth of July, 2010.The heat AND humidity are hear starting Monday and going into nextweekend. This will be the hottest stretch since June of 2008.Again, I need to look in the other journals to find a rival for theheat here this week. One Hundred degrees will be within reach by Wednesday.Dew points will get to near 70 by then too. Water and energy conservation efforts should begin Monday. Air quality is decreasing with increasing heat and near ground increasing pollution. Time to try and take it cool and easy. If you desire a note from your weatherman, let me know.