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Frightened Pets Rescued From Tornado Rubble



    Frightened pets rescued from tornado rubble

    Many are searching for the furry members of their families (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN/WAVE: Kent Taylor) - In Henryville, Indiana the destruction wrought by last week's tornados is incredible: Homes leveled, buses flipped over, semis on their side, a gas station demolished and its pumps carried across the street.

    For Steve Stoffregen the damage included just about everything he owns.

    "I didn't see it, I just got here from work in Louisville and I got home and it's across the road now. There was a white house there and it's not anywhere either," he said. "All this stuff you see right here is the back room of my house."

    His family is safe, their material things can be replaced, and in the middle of all the rubble, Steve found their two dogs, Trigger and Tyson, scared out of their minds, but alive.