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From Friday Evening perspective...Sunday's Snow Does Not Look Significant for Most



    Anytime we're dealing with a storm that will be in its formative stages as it makes its closest pass to New England, there's always the need to watch the system carefully to ensure the forecast rate of strengthening and, of course, track are correct.  As of Friday evening, it appears as though the intense atmospheric energy set to move through New England Sunday and particularly Sunday night will produce a storm that develops a bit too late...and a bit too far east...for most of New England to see significant snow.

    That said, I'd certainly encourage staying on top of the forecast this weekend to ensure there are no changes.  One example of the importance track will take is illustrated below - the top map is one computer guidance run from Friday evening.  The map following it is the very same computer guidance, run just three hours earlier.  Note the very different scenarios.  I favor the first of the two - a less organized, farther east solution - but am on-guard for something more formidable.  Below both maps are my accumulation maps for Friday night, provided my take on the system verifies.

    Most likely weather map for Sunday night:


    Another interesting potential, but less likely, scenario Sunday night:


    My Friday night forecast accumulations for the weekend - North Country seeing snow Saturday afternoon and evening...the rest of us snow showers Sunday through Sunday night.  If changes are needed, it would likely be to raise the immediate Eastern MA coastline by an inch or two if the storm track is closer.  Additionally, it's not impossible some raindrops mix in on the Outer Cape during the day Sunday, when precipitation is not very intense and the wind is onshore...though would be all snow Sunday night.

    Southern New England:


    Northern New England: