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Halfway Through May



    At noon time today we are half way through the month of May 2010. So far we have endured Severe Storms, Record warm, record cold, and even a few inches of snow in our mountains.

    Today we are right in the middle, of the month, and the weather variety. Low pressure in Maine is deepening as it pushes offshore and eventually wraps into the nearly perpetual Canadian Maritime low, part of the North Atlantic Block.

    The North Atlantic is only slowly warming this spring, the water temperature off Cape Cod is 51. Here is the ocean view from one of my favorite Cams, MoreBeach.com cam at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham Massachusetts.

    Look at the size of that dog! As the early afternoon high tide ebbs, the air may warm to near 70 at the beach, but swimming weather, like tomato planting weather, is still a couple weeks away.

    Did you hear a thunder storms last night? Right after the Bruins lost Game 7, storms raced across New England, the ASOS at Boston Logan Airport recorded .45" of rainfall from 0229 to 0254 hours GMT Saturday May 15, 2009, that's 10:29 to 10:54 PM Friday May 14 to you and me.

    Hit or miss storms mostly missed, we could actually use some rain. here are May totals for a few New England stations.

    Boston 1.71"
    Worcester 1.39"
    Providence 1.38"
    Windsor Locks CT 1.21"
    Bridgeport CT 1.71"
    Burlington VT 1.17"
    Rutland VT 2.15"
    Concord NH 0.65"
    Bangor ME 0.87"
    Caribou ME 1.80"
    Portland ME 0.69"

    We are tracking a storm in Texas today, with flooding and severe weather from Houston to Saint Louis, and more snow in the Colorado Mountains.

    This storm will approach New England Tuesday night, but the Blocking pattern in the North Atlantic may boot that storm off to our south. From now until then we are technically on the cold and dry side of the front that passed last night.

    But the air flow from eastern Canada is not too cold, so we have chilly mornings, mostly frost free, and mild afternoons into Tuesday. Wind is gusting to 35 mph today and tomorrow, sending pollen flying through our New England atmosphere.