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Heat Tests Cities' Emergency Services



    Heat tests cities' emergency services

    Residents seek relief at spray decks as pools have yet to open for season in Boston (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Boston, Massachusetts) -  Of this, I am fairly certain.  I don't need to tell you that it is hot

    The city has sweltered just long enough for us to call it a heat wave.  Don't let those puffy Doctor Seuss clouds fool you into thinking it was a nice day.

    Just ask the mayor.

    "Emergency Medical Services are out there, the police department is out there, Fire, Boston Center for Youth and Families," said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

      While city officials are looking out for us, we have look out for ourselves.  Out on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the only thing that works outside, is water.

    "We came here to play in the sprinklers," said Alissa Keenan who was doing some pretty mean cheerleading flippy flops with her brother Peyton.

    "Way too hot," announced Peyton.

      Alissa and Peyton's parents, Kaleigh and John, couldn't stay in the air conditioning.
    "Because it is a beautiful day, so we wanted to get out of the house," said Kaleigh.

      John is ready to go home.

    "Three days is enough, I could use a nice 70-degree day," said John.

      The spray decks attract all kinds of people, not just kids, like these two, here from Argentina.

    "We found our oasis, right here this is great stuff, decided to get wet for a little bit," said Juan Becerra.
      And that can make all the difference, even if it is just an inch or so deep.

    "If there was a beach nearby it would be perfect, this is enough for now, but we'd like a pool, some bigger body of water than just a splash park," said North End resident Rachel Congdon.

    "We are waiting for the North End Pool to open up," said Jillian Kirkpatrick.

    "Last time we checked there wasn't any water in it," said Congdon.