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Heavy Rains Flood Yard, Basement



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Lawrence, Mass.) - Streets and basements across New England were flooded due to an overwhelming amount of rain that fell during the weekend Nor'easter.

    On the Methuen-Lawrence line, a backyard was flooded with water nearly waist-deep.  The property has experienced flooding in the past, as a nearby brook overflowed.

    One of the houses that borders this yard has much deeper problems -- a basement under a few feet of water.  That means the washer, dryer and pellet stove are all soaked.

    Those affected are hoping city and state leaders will act to bring them some relief.

    "I don't care if come and they dig everything through -- they cover up and put piping all the way through for the water to go," Carlos Colon said.  "We'll miss the little river going by, but our house will be safe."

    There is no immediate word on what local agencies plan to do to help.