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Housatonic River Floods Its Banks



    (NECN: Brian Burnell) - The Housatonic River in Connecticut is over its banks again and though its not nearly as bad as it was on Monday, its still enough to cover Route 7 in New Milford.

    The latest rain did not hit Connecticut directly and that was good news.  But enough fell that low lying places flooded.  Needless to say its been a bad week for the Cookhouse Restaurant cut off by flood waters for all but one day.

    Rob Ryder, Cookhouse Owner: "Hard to get in access the building.  Then it froze so it was basically an ice moat around the building and we got a break yesterday when the road was opened up but then the rains came last night and here we are again."

    The river is definitely not as high as it was earlier in the week. Much less water is flowing over the Stevenson Dam, downstream from New Milford.  But the water is certainly high enough.  This truck was above water yesterday.  Not so much today.  Ray Dubel has been helping out his neighbors, ferrying one friend to her house to get food and her cat out.

    Ray Dubel, Derby, CT: "She was all worried about her cat and her food and so I brought her over there.  In your boat.  Yeah.  Did you get the cat, too?  No, the cat didn't want to get in the boat."

    Some here say they got little or no warning that the waters were rising high and fast.  Senator Richard Blumenthal is looking into what could have been done about that.  

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut: "We're going to be asking both the owner of the dam and the federal agency responsible for overseeing it whether there was sufficient notification, prevention measures to aid residents in this area and lead time so local officials could know before they opened the dam how much water was going to be cascading through this area."

    The rain is over.  The concern now... snowmelt from the north in New Hampshire and Vermont filling up the rivers sending more water south.