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How People Are Preparing for the Blizzard



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Canton, MA) - Stocking up on all the essentials, people packed the supermarkets Tuesday afternoon in anticipation of Wednesday's big snow storm.

    Tina Femia of Canton, MA said, "I think that there will be a lot of kids in the house and we'll have a lot going on, a lot of food to be eaten."

    Just in case, some people are grabbing everything - from bread and milk, to  firewood and  shovels - so they can handle whatever mother nature throws our way.

    Barbara Stanwood of Canton, MA said, "I guess it's going to be big and awful isn't it - blowing and drifting and please let's not lose the power."

    "See people running to the store like you've got to bring the dogs and the bobsleds out , but we'll be prepared for it," said Dennis Trayers of Canton, MA.

    Over at the Blue Hills ski slopes in Canton, the snowier the better… especially leading into the holiday weekend.

    Gary Vanasse, Blue Hills Assistant General Manager, said,  "We couldn't be happier, the timing is superb, it's been an awesome winter, but this is just setting us up for - it's a dream come true for us."

    As the ski hills enjoy the natural powder, winter sports lovers are psyched for the storm.

    Lisa Zeghibe of Westwood said, "It's great, skiing, sledding whatever, that's what the winter is all about, a lot of fun for the kids and adults and enjoying all the winter sports."

    Beth Taylor of Walpole said, "It's winter time, the kids love it, they get excited, I've loved snow ever since I was a kid so it doesn't bother me at all."

    And many kids are just happy for a snow day off from school.

    Ten-year-old Sabrina Zeghibe said, "I think it's awesome!"