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Humid Air Bringing Thunderstorms Before the 'Big' Storm




    Today's skies featured two types of clouds. Today was a summery day that was a little more humid than yesterday, but still comfortable and had enough cloud cover. The two types observed today were of the cirrus and cumulus variety. High in the sky were scattered Cirrus Uncinus and relatively low in the atmosphere were plenty of Cumulus Humilis to go around.

    Cirrus Uncinus clouds can be distinguished by their "hook tail" appearance. Their significance typically means that there is a front approaching. Cumulus Humilis clouds have no significant association with weather except as an indicator of fair weather. They form due to the warm air rising, with water vapor condensing into well-developed clouds in the lower levels of the atmosphere.

    Expect tomorrow to be MUCH more humid with the approach of a cold front, and therefore a good chance for strong thunderstorms and heavy rainfall throughout New England. When this front goes offshore however, don't plan on it going anywhere. It's going to remain stationary until Irene makes her way up the eastern seaboard, bringing along more heavy downpours. Be aware for some areas of flooding.

    - Intern Kristina Oakland