Hurricane Irene 8:00 P.m. Update - NECN

Hurricane Irene 8:00 P.m. Update



    (NECN) - Matt Noyes says there's a lot going on with Hurricane Irene, as it emerges back over water coming off the north coast of North Carolina, and is coming out east of Virginia beach.

    Wind will force water back in New Jersey's coastline, which is a bad scenario for them.

    Hurricane warning remains in effect from Sagamore back all the way across the cape and Rhode Island coast.

    There's a tropical storm warning north of Sagamore all the way back up through the coast of Maine.

    There are additional advisories, as well.

    There is a high wind warning in northern Vermont, a flood watch for almost all of New England and the north east, with flood warnings to the south.

    There is a new tornado watch in effect, which includes the south west coast of Connecticut. A new tornado watch Sunday morning may include more of New England.