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Ice Danger on Mass. Roadways



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir) - After days of cold, it was warm enough to rain in much of New England and there was nowhere for the pooling water to go.

    Outside the city of Boston, side roads in Newton were flooded, still drivers ventured through.

    More of the same on the highways, water spraying high along the ramps in Needham on Route 128 and in Dedham, as well.

    Wellesley had its share of flooding, but one of the worst places was along the Charles River on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton.

    Much of the pooling water eventually began to subside thanks to road crews clearing the storm drains of ice and debris.

    If you thought driving was tough, walking around the city of Boston was not without its challenges either.

    A 5-inch deep slushy Kenmore Square "pond" proved chivalry was alive and well.

    And when you've soaked your socks and shoes once there's no going back in again.

    Then it got colder, this looks like granules of salt in Brookline, but at 23 degrees, it is graupel, soft snow pellets that are falling as a thunderstorm passes through.

    Wet pavement is visible on Route 9 in Framingham which is easily passable for now, with the concern that it will freeze over later.