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Intense Wind Slamming Sandwich, Mass.



    Sandwich, Mass. bracing for high tide

    Fierce winds and impending high tide could cause serious damage to coastline in Sandwich (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Sandwich, Mass.) - Blizzard-like, howling winds and snow are slamming the coastline in Sandwich. The intensity of the wind coming off the ocean has been so great that some telephone poles have come down, resulting in power outages.

    High tide at noon Friday is a great concern because of the whipping winds. It's expected to crash beyond the sea wall.

    MEMA is keeping an eye on one home along the coastline that is sitting on pilings because of prior storm damage. The fear is that the house could be severely destroyed come high tide. The MEMA agent on site is not expecting it to be washed away though, but it's being monitored closely.

    The agent said, "I've been actually pretty surprised by the lack of damage in most places we've looked so far." Although he did admit some areas have seen significant erosion.

    Furious waves are crashing in and it will only worsen as the morning progresses.

    The roads are in terrible shape and the Emergency Management Director in Sandwich says the plows are struggling to keep up with the foot of snow that has been dumped on them thus far.

    No injuries have been reported.