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Interior Video: St. Louis Airport Tornado Damage



    (NECN/KSDK) - Construction crews are surveying the damage and cleaning up. During the storm Friday night passengers were seen scooting quickly away from tall windows. Some passengers were hit with flying glass as the windows burst.

    The Mayor of St. Louis was on hand to look at the damage. He describes what he's seeing at the airport's hard-hit C concourse.

    "When you look at it, you see windows blown out on both sides -- most of the windows here," said Mayor Francis Slay. "These are double-paned -- these are double-paned, shatter-resistant windows, and you can see that most of them are blown out on both sides of this concourse.  This is -- this is the worst hit of the airport.  See glass all over the place; you see furniture tumbled around as well as -- of course, the ceilings and the roof of this thing is off; so this is the worst part of the airport.  This area will not be operational for quite some time."

    The airport is still closed and expected to open Sunday.