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Irene Leaves Debris Scattered Around New York City Streets



    (NECN/CNN: Mary Snow, Saint Albans, Queens, NY) – In addition to the flooding, Irene’s violent winds left debris scattered around city streets.

    CNN’s Mary Snow has a look at one Queen’s neighborhood that saw several trees come down.

    People in New York are getting a look at the damage left behind by Tropical Storm Irene.

    The storm's violent winds and torrential rains left many neighborhoods flooded and debris scattered in the streets.

    One of the big jobs for the city now is fixing downed power lines.

    This is a neighborhood in Saint Albans, Queens.

    And because the water, because the ground was so saturated, there’s been so many trees that have toppled over like this one that just came uprooted.

    There are more than 800 trees throughout the city, the city is reporting, that have toppled over.

    This one fell right on top of a car.

    Fortunately, no one was inside and no one was hurt.

    But, here’s the danger.

    Take a look at that utility pole with a transformer now toppling over.

    You see all these downed power lines.

    This has really rattled residents in this neighborhood as they wait for this to be cleared and taken care of.